Wedding jewelry - how to be the most beautiful on the Day!


Jewelry is a very important part of bride's image. For example, in India a girl can adorn herself with jewelries with total weight up to 10.8 pounds. It's interesting, isn't it? But most brides don't put on all the jewelries possible, they try to make all elements of the wedding dress in harmony with each other creating a beautiful image.
The most important wedding jewelery is wedding rings. Usually a girl buys them along with her future husband, but other jewelry - necklaces, earrings, bracelets - should be better chosen along with future bridesmaids.
What to choose: a necklace or chain? If your dress is ornamented with much sequins, beads, it is not advised to add a chic necklace to it. A delicate chain will complement the fancy dress best. The type of metal of the chain must be combined with other decorations. If the dress is embroidered with silver thread, a chain of yellow gold will look discordant.
A modest dress, on the contrary, should be complemented with an unusual necklace, for example, inlaid with gemstones. If you adorn your hair with pearl, choose a pearl necklace. It will emphasize your tenderness and natural beauty.
The choice of earrings is based on two main rules. First, they should have the same decorative elements as the rest of your decorations. This means that a pearl necklace can't be in one set with diamond earrings, no matter how much lovely they are. It's better to pick up original earrings with pearls, for example, made in the form of a drop - they look very feminine and sweet. And if you prefer diamond earrings, combine them with a diamond pendant on a thin chain. Secondly, earrings should adjust the shape of the face. Convex spherical-shaped earrings will make narrow face visually wider, but owners of a round face are recommended to try small long earrings.
Wedding bracelets have a long history. In ancient wedding ceremonies, bracelets marked the change of the status of its owner - a young girl was getting the status of married woman. Bracelets were passed from generation to generation playing the role of a talisman. Moreover, they guarded the bride from the evil eye. Since then bracelets have become more graceful and charming, and now it's just one more decoration in the perfect bride's image. Wedding bracelets should not be too massive. If the wedding dress is long-sleeve, or you intend to wear gloves, a bracelet here is clearly excessive.
The watch is not the right piece of jewelry for the bride, even if the bracelet is made of gold and encrusted with dozens of diamonds. Also you should take off all the rings, except wedding.
Not to be mistaken with the choice of jewelry, try to keep in mind fashion trends. Traditional jewelery of yellow and red gold is not very popular today, products made of platinum, silver or white gold would be the best. The number of ornaments and their size depends on the design of the dress. Choose what you like and feel like a queen!

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