Tips to choose fashion earrings correctly

Earrings have been an accessory adorning people - women and men - all around the world for centuries. It seems like all possible earring designs are already known. However, creative jewelry designers always offer new trends and interesting designs that don't stop surprising us. Jewelries made in various styles, in different shapes, sizes and great number of beautiful color hues are created to sparkle and accentuate beauty of a person, one's clothes, image. Combined with appropriate outfit, hairstyle accessories may become the main accents of a stylish image. Learn different jewelry styles available today before buying jewelry to make the right choice, pay attention to information that can help you to understand what jewelry is best suited to you.
Most earrings can be divided in three categories: studs, hoops and dangle earrings. There are some facts about all the types for you, the information may help you to choose best earrings to suit your appearance and wardrobe.
So some words about studs. It's the original style of first earrings known. Perhaps the most popular earring type all around the world - with women as well as with men. Although the idea of studs design is rather simple, there are numerous variations of the earrings. They vary in size, shape, there are studs of different colors, decorated with different inserts etc. Stud earrings (or as they sometimes called - posts) are the most versatile jewelry type. They can be worn with any wear style, the earrings are worn with everyday wear as well as with evening outfits. They may be simple or eye-catching depending on the size and design. They are usually worn by people with short or tied back hair. Otherwise they may stay unnoticeable. The most popular studs designs are pearl earrings and simple ball posts.
Most dangle earrings are created to move with the body and so draw attention. There are many quite different designs of dangles. The earrings look especially stunning with long hair and worn with a matching necklace. Drop earrings are one more dangle earrings type, even if they don't swing. Such earrings are great for special occasions and are usually worn with evening outfits.
There is a great variety of hoop earrings. They also go almost with every wear style for all occasions. There are tiny hoops as well as large ones that may even touch the shoulders. You may choose a size and a shape (there are various shapes of geometric hoops) depending on the wear, situation etc. The variety of hoops makes your choice easy. Large hoops are recommended to wear with hair down. If you're tired of classic hoops, choose a shape of geometric hoops that contain classic and modern styles!

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