The variety of brooch styles of different times

Have you noticed: whatever wear and jewelry style you prefer, you'll always find a brooch, perfectly complementing a particular style. Brooches have been popular for centuries, and still the jewelry of modern collections reflect some features of the Renaissance and the Baroque, Romantic and Victorian epochs. What style is your favorite brooch? Most of modern brooches-designs resemble already existing styles of different times. Let's remember about their main features.
Renaissance. In the XVI century, marine theme was very popular - brooches were often made in the shape of dolphins, ships. Decorations in the form of birds, animals and plants were no less interesting. Hat pins depicting the initials of its owner were very fashionable at the time.
Baroque. Brooches of baroque style were cheerful and colorful. Dominant place in the jewelry style was taken by bright gems - rubies, sapphires, emeralds and pearls. The variety of brooches of the time, when baroque appeared, was great. Large brooches adorned neckline and corset of women's dresses. Little brooches fastened countless cuts of skirts. Baroque fashion featured symmetrical forms, pomp designs complemented with various gemstones.
Rococo. Diamond was the stone that conveyed the sense of rococo style. Sparkling diamond brooches became more elegant and flexible, not catchy and static as before. Gold Brooches in rococo style reminded of bunches of beautiful flowers.
Classicism. Oval or circular brooches fastened the ends of light shawls in the second half of the XVIII century. Gold and small diamonds framed antique cameos and portrait miniatures made with enamel.
Empire. Complex and delicate gold brooches in the Empire style had abundant decor. In addition to diamonds, sapphires and rubies amethyst and topaz were widely used in designs.
Romanticism and Victorianism. These two styles ruled in the end of the XIX century. Plants, birds, and animals motifs came again. Brooches often served as symbols of love and hope: gold cupids, doves, hearts often adorned jackets and dresses.
Modern. The variety of such brooches with their lines and shapes is great, the only thing that is common - the designs are filled with human emotions expressed in precious metals and stones.
Deco. Strict geometric is the main feature: ovals and circles are replaced by triangles, squares, trapezoids and rectangles. This is a contemporary style that features simplicity and luxury, dynamism and purity.
So what is the style of your brooches? Now you can determine it! Don't you have the accessory? Then it's the perfect opportunity to choose the brooch suitable to your style!

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