The long way of fashionable charm bracelets

The custom of making charm bracelets is known from the times immemorial, materials and designs for bracelets have changed, but the concept itself has never gone out of style.
First this kind of jewelry had a religious function, it dates back to the prehistoric era. The first bracelets with charms were worn by the Babylonians, Assyrians, Persians and Hittites from 500 to 400 B.C. At those times charms were made of rock crystal and different gemstones, there were various designs featuring figures of gods, men and animals. All of them had a symbolical meaning and were associated with magical powers.
But as time passed, charm bracelets were less connected with spiritual functions and became one of the types of fashion jewelry. This jewelry kind was very popular in Victorian England. Queen Victoria wore a charm bracelet featuring little family portraits and so helped to popularize the fashion trend.
Before WW II charm bracelets weren't widely known in America, they were mainly worn in European countries. But during the war soldiers stationed in Europe took charms as souvenirs in different European cities and brought them home for wives and girlfriends. The trend became popular and continued into peacetime.
Today charm bracelets stay not less popular. Modern jewelry market offers limitless designs to choose from. Most popular themes represent various horoscope signs, birthstone charms, personalized pendants, and family keepsakes. Many people start collecting charms since childhood, and so the charm bracelet grows along with them, reflecting likes, interests and personal experience. A charm bracelet can even include photos or some small memorable things.
It is also a popular gift because of the affordable price and interesting idea. There are simple charm bracelets and ornate ones decorated with different gems and crystals.
There are different initial charms embellished with letters, pictures or different characters, or decorated with enamel pictures painted on them. There are many bracelet-designs with interchangeable charms, so one can always create new versions of the same bracelet to match different moods and clothes.
Such bracelets and charms are made of a variety of materials, however silver and gold ones stay most popular.
There is no secret of the trend popularity! It's rather easy to understand: charm bracelets give a perfect opportunity to express the individual style, to stand out in every detail! Each charm bracelet may tell a story about its owner! What story does your bracelet tell about you?

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