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New Year's holidays intend a variety of different events (evening visiting, parties etc), most people wait for these holidays to meet with friends and have fun. During this period women try to dress up smartly to demonstrate themselves in the best light - with the help of the best dresses and jewelry, of course. Luxurious earrings (adding some extra beauty to a face) and complementing evening hair style, a precious necklace on pale white skin of the neck, a brooch with a ruby on a light stylish scarf, nice rings on the fingers with a perfect manicure - all these pieces make your style... All these things can be lovely by themselves, but at the same time sometimes women doubt: whether it will be an excess or not to wear a necklace, a brooch and a bracelet from the same set? Does this platinum chain suits an evening dress? Is it correct to wear the family earrings (donated by the great-grandmother) to a gala dinner?

All these issues will disappear if you have an idea of the most important thing - of your own style. Style in this case - is an individual combination of Stylish(fashion) trends and your own taste. And it includes, of course, not just clothes or makeup but also jewelry trends.

Of course, the Stylish in jewelry world is much more stable (or less volatile?) than clothes fashion or, for example, hair style fashion. But nevertheless, almost every year new jewelry collections are created in the jewelry industry and conversely: certain forms and styles are fading so that today they look somehow strange. Let's consider the basic principles of Stylish jewelry (earrings, necklaces, pendants, bangle bracelets) of our time. If you are aware of them, you will always be at the peak of the fashionable wave and successfully combine main current trends with your own preferences.

First, in the endless struggle of white and yellow metals white metal has leading positions for some time. It dominates in many trendy designer collections. Moreover, we are talking not only about the precious metals (silver and platinum) but also about such work materials as aluminum, steel etc. Creative Jewelers use them in combination with precious metals as well as individually.

However, the latest fashion is generally based on the democracy, as if the principle "to combine incongruous" ruled. Everything goes: fur and ceramics, leather and plastic, bone and wood. Semiprecious stones also found their application: they are worked in the most unusual combinations and compositions, making the most daring imaginations of designers true.

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