Sterling Silver Flower Earrings - Enameled Ball end Posts

If you like colorful studs, you will be certainly pleased by these lovely sterling silver flower color earrings!

Red Tiny Stud Earrings. Sterling Silver Enamel Ball end Posts

Red Tiny Stud Earrings


Simplicity is fashionable nowadays. Complicated forms are not trendy any more! Lovely silver earrings represent this style of jewelry. They are perfect for casual wear. You can wear them for a long time, they won't cause any discomfort! Their bright red color makes this pair of studs differ from those you often see at jewelry shops. Be stylish and elegant! 


  • Length - 15mm (3/5 inch)
  • 925 Sterling Silver
  • 20 gauge (0.8mm)
  • Enameled Red ball end
  • An earrings bag including
  • Gratis shipping
    red dot studs made of 925 sterling silver
    Sterling Silver Flower Earrings - Enameled Ball end Posts


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