Some facts from the history of earrings

The earliest pair of earrings was found in a grave dating back to 2500 BC. Mummified bodies wearing earrings also were discovered. The functions of earrings varied, the types of earrings were influenced by social status, traditions, culture, religion, beliefs, tools and types of materials available. But there were earrings at all times and in all countries. The most popular function of jewelry was decoration. Earrings were made of beads, wood, bones, metal, plastic glass, and precious stones. Diamond earrings became available to most rich people only in the 18th century, first they were worn only by royalty.

Earrings often carried a symbolical meaning, in some cultures earrings were symbols of slavery, in other ones - a sign of a master. So earrings were used to mark both low and high societal status. Thus slaves wore earrings so that people could easily identify them. Women wore rich earrings to highlight their high or royal status. Earrings were also a constant attribute of sailors.
In Asia earrings first appeared around 3,000 B.C. The first earrings types known were hoops and dangle earrings. In some countries earrings were worn because the traditions, in some - for holiday or religious ceremonies. In Asia most girls and many boys had their ears pierced. But for example for Indian culture it was regarded disrespectful to have multiple piercings. By the way diamonds were first mined in India.
In 16th century in Europe earrings were a men accessory, it was common for men to wear earrings. Changes in fashion led to the fact that earrings became a typically women accessory. In 18th and 19th century the process of jewelry manufacturing improved. There appeared earrings of more complicated ans sophisticated designs. Earrings still stayed expensive and were available to rich people only.
In America earrings were also used to show the status of wealth and nobility. Native Americans wore gemstone earrings adorned with turquoise and different stones. Usually earrings of native Americans had symbolical meaning as the decorations were connected with religion beliefs.

Each country can tell its own history of earrings. Nowadays the new period of the history begins. There are numerous designs, jewelry fashion trends that constantly please fans of jewelry. Today earrings are available for everyone and there is no doubt that their history will last forever!

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