Some facts about brooches - a lovely jewelry accessory!

Fashion is cyclical, this fact applies to all of its types, including jewelry fashion. As example one may remember brooches: the jewelry accessory has been changing its status form popular to forgotten one. The shape and materials have varied, but functionality and variety have remained unchanged.
Originally a fine brooch was available to wealthy aristocracy only, that was not surprising, as usually brooches were decorated with numerous gemstones. Such brooches were as a source of pride and admiration.
Gradually the decoration became more available, less expensive semi-precious stones changed luxurious diamonds in brooch manufacture. As jewelry art improved brooches became true art masterpieces in hands of skillful jewelers.
In the 19th century brooches in the form of insects became very popular. Amazing brooch designs were created in the form of butterflies and scorpions, ladybugs and scarabs. The unlimited creative space opened before jewelers. The brooches were made with fantasy and good taste. Today there are still different collections of 'precious insects' that present results of work and rich imagination of jewelry artists.
In the 20th century brooches lost their popularity for some time, but artists-jewelers didn't forget about them, brooches made in modern style featured plain lines, natural ornaments and light forms.
The development of new jewelry techniques, new ways of cutting precious stones has given the rise to more symbolic, more elegant brooches designs. In addition to traditional brooch there are brooches-pins, brooches-bracelets, brooches for hats, bags and even shoes! Women are offered a great range of the jewelery products to choose from!
There are brooches in different styles, brooches for women of all ages. Brooches are available to everyone today! They are made not of rich materials only, there are the jewelry made of plastic and cloth, decorated with sequins, artificial pearls and beads. Such ornaments also look lovely and are worth to be in any jewelry collection.
But there are women that prefer jewelry made of precious materials only. Every year a great diversity of new exquisite luxury brooches makes their eyes shine waiting for a new jewelry piece. There are so many shapes, colors, stones - so that it's difficult to make a choice. Brooches-flowers, insects and brooches featuring geometric figures, retro brooches and innovative designs - yes, today there is a new peak of the popularity that ensures: brooches will never become forgotten.

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