Silver - the magic moon metal of stunning beauty

Silver is a precious metal that is widely used in the jewelry craft. There are some reasons that may explain the fact that silver is used by masters from all over the world for hundreds of years. It looks charming and its qualities enable to make all the designs possible. The price of the metal is lower than that of gold. Silver jewelry looks elegant and is often combined with various accessories and clothing much better than jewelry made of any other metal. No wonder, silver ornaments can be found in any online jewelry store.
Silver jewelery is able to make you look different, to give new accents to the image making it more mysterious or serious. Jewelry made of silver can be worn with both denim clothing and evening silk dresses. However, to make the magic of jewelry work, you should consider some rules. As it's a cold metal, silver looks in combination with clothing of purple, blue, gray and cold pink hues in the most advantageous way. Red, blue, magenta, yellow wear also combines with the metal well, but clothes of orange color may make the magic look of silver disappear. It's better to choose gold jewelries to complement beautiful dresses of peach, orange, brown, warm yellow and green hues. The timeless classic - outfits of white, black colors emphasize the elegant, simple beauty of silver. The metal is combined superbly with costume accessories and clothing of the silver color. A bracelet, chain or pendant will fit perfectly to the metal inserts of shoes or bag. To make your image complete, your make-up should be made in bluish, gray, silver shadows, choose lipstick of cool tones. Since gold has been mentioned, remember that you shouldn't mix the warm metal of the sun and the cool moon metal together, choose earrings, necklace, bracelet, rings made of one of the metals. Wearing silver and gold simultaneously is considered a bad taste. But ... there is no rule without exceptions, sometimes the both metals are used to create one jewelry piece. E.g. a bracelet with miniature pendants can represent the combination of these two metals, and it may look very stylish. Online jewelry stores, fashion jewelry catalogs often offer rings or pendants with details of gold and silver - these products are very beautiful. Precious stones in combination with silver look stunning. First of all it's worth to mention that silver combines with corundum and pearls perfectly. Silver jewelry with clear crystals can complement the image of a business lady as well as that of a romantic and dreamy girl. Wedding rings of silver and generally alloys of white metals are more popular today than yellow gold ones. Silver wedding rings just seem to be modest. This magical metal cares about men's health, symbolizes power and secret knowledge, strengthens intuition.
If you have fair skin, blue or gray eyes, red or light brown hair, silver is exactly your metal that may turn you into the moon princess. Silver jewelries are suitable to any age. Remember the younger you are the less decorations you should wear simultaneously. If you have dark skin and dark hair, silver earrings, chains, bracelets and rings may also suit you as they will make the eye-catching contrast with your appearance. Choose silver jewelry that never goes out of fashion!

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