Ring designs or something about variety of modern jewelry!

Often a variety of jewelry products really impresses. For example rings - there are small and large ones, rings of all shapes and colors.
Some rings are like real masterpieces. But such ones are not available to everyone. However rings available to most people also make an impression with number of different designs.
There are rings made of metal without any additional components. The brightest example of such a ring is a regular wedding ring.
A band ring may just seem to be simple. In fact it's possible to get different designs of the band. Applied to the surface etching, engraving enable to get new designs. Glossy or matte finishes also make such a ring look new. Such rings can be decorated with precious stones. Simple band-diamond rings are the most popular engagement rings. There are different techniques for fixing gems in such rings. Made in different techniques such gemstone decorations look differently every time.
Solitaire is a ring with a large central stone. The two main types of fixing gems in such rings are prongs and a tube.
Do you want a brighter and richer solitaire? No problem, choose a ring with additional side stones.
Three stones ring is the same solitaire with side stones, but at the center three stones are used! Usually the three stones aren't equal in size, one of them is bigger, two others - smaller.
All the rings are usually made with the same type of gems - diamonds, sapphires, or topaz. And if one uses, for example, sapphire as the central stone and diamonds as the side stones, the ring becomes a multi-stone ring - a ring with different stones. A wide choice of precious stones of various colors and shades brings an incredible diversity in manufacture of jewelry.
Fixing different stones in various ways brings an opportunity to make an endless number of designs.
Filigree rings are also a very interesting jewelry type. In this case a jeweler uses a thin metal thread to create a wire wrapping ring design with it! Making such products requires extremely hard work, but the rings fascinate with their beauty!
Another technically sophisticated way of decorating jewelry is enamel. There are two types of enamel using: hot and cold. It's also difficult to work with enamel, but it enables to create any colors and shades. Enamel combines perfectly with any precious stones.
These are only few ring types, in fact the fantasy of jewelry masters knows no bounds!

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