Pink Pearl Earrings - Sterling Silver Pearl Earrings

Create a charming romantic image with these pink pearl earrings (purple pearl earrings)! They will become a bright part of your individual style!

Pearl Ear wire Dangle Earrings. Sterling Silver Pearl Earrings

Pearl Ear wire Dangle Earrings


Wonderful pink pearl earrings are universal. It means they suit both a romantic light summer dress and an evening elegant outfit! Pearl earrings never look vulgarly or old-of-fashion, they always stay at the peak of fashion - where only the best details of elegant style survive! Complete your jewelry collection with these awesome pearl earrings and you will never regret!


  • Length - approx. 2 inch (5 cm)
  • 3 pearls on each earring (one purple)
  • 925 Eco Sterling Silver
  • An earrings gift box including
  • Gratis shipping

elegant Dangle Pearl Earrings - sterling silver pearl ear wires

Pink Pearl Earrings - Sterling Silver Pearl Earrings

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