Piercing - the way of self identification in all times

There is no exactly date, when jewelry for body piercing became popular in the world or on the territory of a country, but found Egypt jewels allow to say that already in Ancient Egypt piercing was known. So how piercing has turned into a worldwide trendy fetish?
So first let's answer the question: whether piercing was just a simple means of decoration body or had a practical application in ancient times. They say, in some countries piercing pointed to a social status (in Egypt, China, India). Thus ears of slaves were pierced to indicate them. During the Middle Ages earrings for body piercing became popular with seafarers (pirates). They wore massive gold and silver earrings not for aesthetic purposes, but with practical one. When a dead seaman was found on a shore, his earrings could become the charge for the organization of his funeral. At least there was such a belief. So first jewelry had not decorative purpose only and the practical one was even more important.
Nowadays piercing is a way to express freedom and originality of a person to stand out in the society. Ear piercing and navel piercing are most common.
Gold and silver are most popular metals for earrings making, as they have ideal natural properties and almost never cause allergic reactions.
Today jewelry is affordable to everyone. Piercing is a good way to make accents and express your individuality and unique style. Why not to use it to emphasize best sides of your personality? The variety of jewelry is so great that everyone can certainly find something that suits best! There are simple and ornate designs, minimalist and fancy earrings. Today you even don't need to go out to buy earrings. There are many online jewelry stores that are ready to help you find what you need!
Today piercing is popular both with women and men. Modern jewelry fashion offers men, women and unisex designs. Especially great choice is available for women: earrings of all sizes, shapes, with a variety of precious stones.
Choose something that suits you best! The art of decorating body is constantly developing. It enables you to choose exactly the thing that you need to tell about yourself in such a way!

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