Pearl Hoop Earrings - Sterling Silver Hoops wirh Pearls

Beautiful pearl hoop earrings will add some elegance to your image. Afford you such a nice thing!
Handmade elegant sterling silver hoops with dangle pearls! Pearls earrings are one of the favorite fashionable jewelry accessories for women today!
Sterling Silver Earrings with White Pearls - Dangle Pearls

Sterling Silver open hoops with dangle White Pearl

The proper storage

The ideal way to store pearl jewelry is to store it in a suede pouch. A bag of any other soft non-abrasive cloth (except cotton) is also suitable. If you decide to keep pearl in a jewelry box, you should allocate a special place, pearl shouldn't  contact with other jewelry. It prevents possible scratches on the pearl, which can appear because of the contact with other gems or metals - that's why they say, that "jewelry box kills pearl".

In general, pearls like any other gem need caress and love. So not to make pearls "sick" you need to groom, stroke them and look a necklace over every 3 yeas, re-stringing pearls onto a new thread.

Since pearl evolve in the water there is one more secret how to store it, which few people know: you can put pearl onto a separate shelf in the bar and place  a small container of water next to it. Add water periodically as it evaporates.

  • Ear wires are about 18mm across
  • Pearl 7mm
  • 925 Sterling Silver

dangle silver pearls earrings

Silver pearl Hoop Earrings

To purchase the hoops, please see the link Sterling Silver Earrings with White Pearls

elegant silver pearl dangle earrings

Elegant Pearls Dangle Earrings

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