Mens Hoop Earrings - Elegant Earrings for Men

Nowadays such mens hoop earrings are very popular. Add these up-to-date hoops to your collection!

Extra Small Square Hoops - Sterling Silver Unisex Earrings
Extra Small Square Hoop earrings for mens

Silver jewelry: the nobility and refinement:

White plastic metal (1 g can be stretched into a very thin wire of almost 2 km long) is known since ancient times. There are no mystical reasons for it, silver and gold were often found in their native form (no need to smelt ore) and in approachable depth (easily available). As a result, silver was widespread due its availability and vast reserves. In Assyria and Babylon silver was considered a sacred metal, and later wealth of noble and successful people was measured in silver. In the Middle Ages silver and its compounds were very popular among alchemists. From the middle of the 13th century silver is the traditional material for utensils, money, jewelry, weapons, precious utensils for different needs. Silver is still used almost in all of these branches today.

Unisex tiny hoop earrings - Men Earrings
To purchase the earrings please see the link - Extra Small Hoop Earrings in Sterling Silver - Non Pierced Hoops

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