Let magical gemstones bring happiness to your life

Why do people buy and wear jewelry? To decorate themselves, express the personality and show the vision of beauty. But in fact gemstones are much more than just a decoration.
Maybe it seems to be impossible, but some gems can affect our lives. Since ancient times it is known that lifeless and cold at first glance, stones have powerful energy potential. Thus, some gems are able not to give good luck and health to the owner only, but sometimes also to destroy his life with troubles. To get the positive impact, precious stones must be worn according to some rules.
- It is believed that diamonds are suitable only to a certain type of person - confident, persistent, ambitious and active ones.
- The best age for wearing diamonds - 30 years and more. If a diamond 'likes' its owner, it can help him to become rich, successful and famous.
- After buying a piece of jewelry with precious stones, you should not put it on immediately. Let it lay in your jewelry box at least a week to eliminate the possibility of negative energy.
- The influence of the gem depends not on the size but on the cleanliness of it. Thus cracked stones may have a bad influence on the person.
- If you put on several jewelry pieces, you need to pay attention, how many stones are in them. A set of 1, 3, 5, 7 stones may bring good luck, but 2, 4, 8 or 13 aren't good number for gems to choose.
- Most gems 'like' honest people. Swindlers and thieves can wear them, of course, but the jewelry won't bring them anything but misfortune. Stolen stones also won't bring positive energy to the owner. Presented stone is good, because it has been chosen with good intentions and thoughts of the future owner.
- Gemstone heirlooms have the most powerful energy impact.Such jewelry 'lives' within the family and 'knows' it to help in specific areas. They may become real mascot and friends, so no matter how difficult the financial situation of a family is, it shouldn't sell the jewels-heirlooms. If you get a gem gift from your relatives whose life was happy and prosperous, be sure the jewelry will influence you well only.
- Don't wear gemstone jewelry all the time: a positive impact may become negative.
- Do not give to wear your jewelry to someone else, especially if it's your talisman or amulet.

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