Lavender Pearl Earrings - Sterling Silver Pearl Earrings

The special feature of the awesome lavender pearl earrings is their color, the gentle shades of pearl color shine so beautifully!

Pearl Ear wire Dangle Earrings. Sterling Silver Pearl Earrings

Pearl Ear wire Dangle Earrings


Pearl is an Emperor of gems! I use only genuine pearls to create high quality pearl jewelry! The price is available, so you can afford to add this unique jewel to your collection! Some time ago only very reach people could buy pearl decorations! Use such a wonderful opportunity to complement your jewelry treasure with charming pearl earrings!


  • Length - approx. 2 inch (5 cm)
  • 3 pearls on each earring (one purple)
  • 925 Eco Sterling Silver
  • An earrings gift box including
  • Gratis shipping
    modern Sterling Silver Pearls Earrings - fashion pearl jewelry


Lavender Pearl Earrings - Sterling Silver Pearl Earrings

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