Jewelry pendants: from ancient times till today

Ancient people adorned themselves with various decorations, they filled the decorations with sacred meaning and connected different customs and beliefs with them. It's difficult to say what exactly - earrings or pendants - is the most ancient type of jewelry.
With the beginning of use of iron and bronze metal pendants appeared. During excavations of one of the oldest states in Europe - the kingdom of Urartu, bronze objects were found. These were jewelry pieces: bronze necklaces featuring similar pendants.
It is known that pendants adorned with precious stones were already created in ancient Egypt. Cleopatra loved emerald gems and gave gold pendants with emeralds to her nearest people. The stones were engraved with a picture or name. Roman Emperor Nero was a cruel ruler and at the same time a passionate admirer of the arts, Nero gave pendants with precious stones engraved with his portrait to his favorite Roman theater artists.
Jewelry of fantastic beauty and complexity dated to the I century BC was found in the grave of Queen Nogai. Necklaces and pendants, rings, bracelets, cufflinks and brooches featured stunning beauty and skillful work.
So the jewelry type has a great history and its history is constantly going on...
In the Middle Ages pendants were used by two famous Italian families - Medici and Borgia - with one more purpose. Poisons were stored in them. Such jewelries were made by skillful masters. The names of the masters are unknown.
Leonardo da Vinci - a great painter, sculptor, engineer, mathematician, anatomist, also influenced jewelry art. After developing of his inventions (such as gas burner), unlimited possibilities were first opened for creating jewelry. Some equipment invented by him is still used today!
Since Middle Ages gems won the leading position in pendants making. Rich people became mad because of the wish of possession large and expensive gemstones. Large stones couldn't be used for creation of earrings because of the weight, pendants were great for the purpose. At that time numerous rich jewelry creations were made. They really impress. Today one can see some of them in museums or personal collections.
Over time fashion, tastes, designs changed. They are still changing today. Nowadays the variety of jewelry pieces is great. Pendants are not an exception. There are pendants of all sizes and designs possible. They are created to any taste! And what pendants do you choose to express your style?

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