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Hugh quality Sterling Silver Studs with pearls!
Cultured pearls differ from natural pearls in the fact that the reason of their formation is a foreign body, artificially brought into the shell of a living mollusk.
Artificial pearls grow and evolve in natural conditions, also in a shell, of course.
People tried to make pearls artificially about 3000 years ago in China. At that time special lead figurines of Buddha were put into the shells of freshwater mollusks. And only in the early 19th century in Japan Mikimoto put a pearl ball (wrapped in mantiysky cloth of donor oyster) into a pearl shell, thus opening the way for commercial cultivation of cultured pearls.

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It is impossible to distinguish real pearls from cultured ones, of course, if you're not a psychic or you have an X-ray eye. To see, what the nucleus of the pearl is, can be possible only with the help of X-rays. If you drop a natural pearl onto glass,  it - elastic like a ball - should  jump a few times for sure.

I create jewelry with quality freshwater pearl. Pearl jewelry is always popular and I'm sure it will be popular in future whatever tendencies will be! The beauty of pearl prove it!

small pearl studs - gift for her

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