Incredible shine of Swarovski crystals in jewelry and not only

Amazing Swarovski crystals created one more modern jewelry trend. People all around the world dream of the beautiful crystals and fall in love with their shine. No wonder: their sparkle can be compared with that of diamonds.
Swarovski technology allows to create the most amazing man-made crystals similar to diamonds. And, most importantly, it's possible to make a limitless amount of these 'star pieces'.
Daniel Swarovski started with a tiny factory, where he developed his method of creating clear crystals. Later the production grew into a great industry. The production of the magical crystals and jewelry with them continues to be a mystery known to few only.
Although some secrets of Swarovski are already known to people. The technology allows to create crystals with 14 facets. It makes possible to increase the brilliance of crystals due to the great refraction of light. One more secret: Swarovski crystals differ by the fact that their faces have different sizes - 7 narrow and 7 wide. Thus the great light effect is achieved. Another secret of Swarovski - is adding lead oxide to the mass of crystal (32%). Usual artificial crystals contain only 24%. Moreover, there is a strict quality control - ideal crystals only are offered to customers. These are some reasons, why Swarovski products are so perfect.
These magnificent crystals have got love of celebrities and just people who love beautiful jewelry. Wonderful earrings, amazing necklaces, gorgeous brooches and pendants of magnificent beauty are designed with Swarovski crystals. The crystals don't lose the popularity, in the contrary, they are used in new spheres and forms. Already many years the crystals are used not in jewelry only. Famous designers such as Dior and Pierre Cardin have brought the prestige of the crystals to a new level. Swarovski crystals decorate their amazing creations - luxury evening and wedding dresses.
First there were only clear Swarovski crystals. In 1950 the technology was developed allowing to create the perfect crystals of different colorful shades. Although this invention was made not by Daniel, he could be proud even more, because it was the invention of his grandson.
Some people like sparkling Swarovski crystals even more that gemstones. Today there is a great variety of jewelry creations with them to any taste. Different jewelry creations of various shapes, sizes and all colors available convince: Swarovski jewelry will have new fans of its beauty many more years!

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