How to Choose Earrings

How to choose beautiful earrings to make a gift

Earrings are the main decoration of a woman who always wants to look stylish and extraordinarily beautiful. Almost every woman wears earrings all the time, but every woman has her own tastes, preferences of style that can complement her image but also they can be not suitable for it, can distort the beauty of the image. So different kinds of earrings can emphasize the beauty of your face and your style, but don't forget, that it is not recommended to wear the same earrings with different styles of clothing.

Turquoise Cracked Stone studs earrings - handmade sterling posts

Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Turquoise Cracked Stone Stud Earrings

For example, small gold earrings with precious stones will go to any clothes, but one should choose earrings consciously, especially if you buy them as a gift for your beloved one. Price of precious earrings can range from affordable to incredible large, it all depends on the quality of the material, the use of gems and semiprecious stones etc. The cheapest material is bijouterie, but remember that imitation jewelery is also relatively expensive.

If you want to present expensive earrings to your beloved woman, you should listen to a few tips, if you want to show the woman that you have a taste of style and if you don't want to disappoint her. The choice of size and style of jewelry (you want to gift) depends on type of the face of the girl, who will enjoy wearing this jewelry. If a girl has a correct shape of the face, all the styles and types of earrings can suit her, but not all types can suit a chubby girl, strings or dangling earrings will be the best choice for such girls with a round form of the face. Also earrings with a square stone of small size fit such girls well.

gold filled spiral earrings with black Swarovski crystal

14 karat Gold Filled Spiral Hoops with Black Swarovski Crystal - Swirl Earrings

Buying earrings pay special attention to the material of earrings, they can be made of silver or gold, with semi-precious and gemstones etc. Nickel earrings have become the most popular, but you should be careful using them, because the alloy of nickel can cause an allergic reaction. If there is no such a reaction, you can gift Her such a present. But every girl can wear earrings made of gold, as gold is a neutral material, that cannot cause an allergic reaction.

handmade 14k gold filled earrings

Elegant Gold Filled Earrings - Top Squared Hook Earrings 2 inch

But you must remember that earrings shouldn't be chosen so that all the attention of the people around will be drawn only to them. Earrings should not disturb the holistic impression of your outfit, and if you prefer to wear plain clothes, earrings with precious stones may not be suitable. Also it's worth noting, that the more stones are in the earrings, the less opportunities you will have to wear them, as such earrings should be worn only for special events, and earrings with a little amount of small stones will be good for everyday life.

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