How To Care For Silver Jewelry

Silverware are the most exposed to the surrounding hazards products, at the same time cleaning of silver jewelery can be done relatively easily and quickly and demonstrates an excellent result. Typically, silver is first worked up with a solution of ammonia, then washed in soapy water and polished with a mixture of tooth powder and liquid ammonia inflicted on a damp cloth.
Such a mix removes a dark raid from your favorite ring or earrings easily, one should only rinse them  after cleaning with clean water and polish. Silver products can be cleaned in warm water with soda and in a soap solution. The basic rule - products must be wiped dry and polished after every cleaning.

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But correct cleaning of jewelry is only a half the battle. To store treasures correctly is equally important. Jewelry doesn't like the impact of the light, because of which they fade, darken and lose their luster.
Strike impacts are not good for jewels, so a tight-fitting box or a casket (with a soft cloth inside) can be the best storage for your jewelry.

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