Hammered Gold Hoop Earrings - Beautiful Gold Filled Jewelry

Don't you have hammered gold hoop earrings? Then pay attention to this little jewelry masterpiece!


Hoop Earrings have an interesting feature: they can be a part of almost any type of image...Do you want to create a bold or romantic image? No problem! A image of a fatal woman? Hoops can also help you to add a necessary detail. They have one more feature - hoop earrings never go out of fashion. So look at the awesome 14K Gold Filled Hoops and think over what image you will create with the help of them...Be different, beautiful and insolent with the lightweight shiny Gold Hoops!

  • Diameter - 1 1/4 inch (32 mm)
  • 14K Gold Filled
  • A gift box including

Open Hoop Gold Earrings- medium elegant hoops- gold filled hoops

Open Hoop Gold Earrings- medium elegant hoops

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