Gold Hoop Earrings for Women - Top Square Hook Earrings

Look at these handmade gold hoop earrings for women. They will definitely add charm to any style!
Elegant 14k Gold Wire Earrings - Long Squared Hook Earrings 2''

Elegant 14k Gold Wire Earrings 

Earrings should be chosen to match small details of clothing and accessories. An evening cocktail dress or a dress for prom, wedding, anniversary and birthday involve the choice of earrings made of gold, silver, platinum and precious stones. These Top Square Hoop earrings suit for everyday use.

What to choose - jewelery or costume jewelry, products made of silver or gold?

A wide range of ornaments on jewelry market can satisfy almost any taste today. The main trends of modern fashion are showed by costume jewelry much brighter than by traditional products made of precious metals. Stylish design, high quality, practicality, reasonable price affordable almost to everyone - these are the main characteristics of contemporary costume jewelry, which often does not yield jewels made of precious metals and stones.

handmade 14k gold filled earrings

Elegant Gold Filled top hook shaped hoop earrings

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