Gold Earrings for Women

Gold Earrings for Women

Gold earrings are known by everyone.
And it is not accidentally: they are near to the human face, so earrings are more notable than other accessories. Correctly chosen gold earrings(gold filled earrings) add brightness and originality to the image of a man. Moreover, these jewelry has a rich history. Today jewelers create different shapes of gold earrings adorned with various precious stones.

Transparent Blue Swarovsky crystals hoops - 14k gold filled hoop earrings

How to buy gold earrings and be sure in your choice?

Some tips how to choose gold earrings.

This kind of ornaments helps people to express their own style, to emphasize their individuality.
Gold earrings can help you to create different images. They can help to create both: an image of young, sensuous girl and vamp woman. Earrings complete any image with the light of the noble metal.
There is a large range of various shapes of gold earrings, but each of them is able to enliven and ennoble its owner. When you choose earrings, you should pay attention to the color of the stones / crystals, the type of a lock and the form.
It is important that a stone could emphasize the color of the eyes of its owner, and at the same time it should not be too flashy and bright. The shape and size of earrings should be ideally combined with the shape of the face and ears of an owner.
But as time went on earrings (as well as many other decorations) were changed.

handmade 14k gold filled earrings

14k Gold Filled Earrings - Top Squared Hook Earrings Elegant Jewelry

One should pay the special  attention to a lock of earrings. A lock, which hurts the ears, doesn't bring much joy.
Today jewelers provide several types of gold earrings:
Earrings with a French lock ( French hook earrings). They have a hook curved shape.
There are several types of earrings with a lock, which does not close: a "loop" lock is passed to the earlobe.
Earrings with an English lock (English lock earrings). This lock is a stable combination of two arches.
With the proper fastening of this lock the characteristic clicking sound can be  heard.
English lock ensures that the earrings with such a lock won't be lost.
Clips. Such earrings are designed for people who do not want to pierce the ears  for some reasons.

Open Hoop Gold Earrings- medium elegant hoops- gold filled hoops

Elegant flat 14k gold filled hoop earrings - Handmade end Hammered Hoops

All the gold earrings you can see here are hand-made by me in my studio.
Choosing earrings made of gold / gold filled , especially when they are purchased as a gift to a beloved one, do not rush.
Keep in mind that such a choice is an individual process and can not stay a rush.
Looking at the pictures try to imagine whether the earrings with topaz or earrings with sapphires would fit to the color of the eyes of your beloved woman.
Do not forget that golden earrings should just emphasize the natural beauty of women, seamlessly complementing the graceful lines of her ear and harmonizing with a color of her hair.

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