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3 inch Gold hoops show solvency and respectability of their owner without any words.
Luxurious gold filled earrings really attract the eye. Elegance and style of such jewelry are perfect  for an evening dress and allow to wear it with any outfit for any occasion. Every women will like their stylish elegant design. These hoops have been hand formed and hammered for sparkle and shine! Rounded earrings made of gold or sterling silver can fit almost any clothes - e.g. classic cocktail dresses or trendy jean! So no wonder hoops are the favorite of many women. Add this trendy accessory to your jewelry collection too!

modern gold hoop earrings - handmade giant hoops
Elegant Thin Hoops made of 14k Gold Filled wire - Extra Large Hoops

Modern Classic Design
3 inch sparkling Hoops - Modern Shininig Hoop Earrings

Advantages of gold filled jewelry:

- Prices are not very high - in fact, you can pick up a set of gold filled jewelry for different clothes. In addition, there is a wide range of products in different styles, designs, there are no strict laws for gold jewelry fashion, so buyers can decide by themselves what to choose - a classic form or post-modern one, hi-tech style or biostyle, ancient stylized or avant-garde jewels, manual work or machine stamping.

Gold Filled Hoop Earrings 3 inch

Interesting article "Brief history of piercing"

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In our days piercing is popular with people of all ages all around the world. Some people believe that American hippies were those who created a crazy fashion for different types of piercing. In 60s years of the last century they used body piercing to express their protest against the reality. In the 80s years rappers made earrings for piercing, along with other jewelry, one of the symbols of their culture.

Nowadays to the attention of buyers there are earrings for piercing for every taste. Elegant jewelry with floral designs complements the image of a romantic girl perfectly, there are also extravagant and unusual earrings of bold designs for creative persons, and minimalistic jewelry for those who prefer stylish and elegant decorations.


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