How to match jewelry to look your best

In fact, there are many points of view, but no defined rules for wearing jewelry. The process of choosing jewelry for each person is individual, so it is impossible to make the rules.
Make your own style with fine accessories! Before choosing a new jewelery piece, think of ways of its combination with other jewelry and clothes you have. Set your own preferences. Choose gemstones that are good for your zodiac sign or just have some energy or healing powers. But you should remembered that simultaneous wearing of a variety of stones does not guarantee that you gain their magical properties. In the contrary it is possible that they will become much weaker.
Silver and gold jewelries, jewels with diamonds and colored gemstones - everything can be combined, but one should have a good taste. To develop your good taste and the feeling of fine style, you should learn some general trends in combination jewelry.
First you shouldn't combine silver and gold jewelry pieces. The only exception is when a jewelry piece is made of the both metals. However, two intertwined chains (silver&gold) may look very lovely. But silver chains and gold rings look at least strange. If you prefer gold jewelry, remember, that there are several shades of gold - yellow, red, white. You also shouldn't combine the colors together.
So what about the combination of gemstones? There is one main rule: don't wear jewelries with stones of different colors. Of course, some gems can be combined in one necklace, but you mustn't wear ruby earrings and sapphire rings at once.
There is one more rule: try to put on not more than three jeweleries simultaneously. For example: a ring, necklaces, earrings, or a ring, earrings, bracelet and so on. Pinning a brooch, it's better not to wear necklaces and chains with it. The best amount of rings at both hands is three. But if you have a ring with a large stone, it should be the only one. Strung just two rings on one finger only if they fit together in style.
The last tip - do not blindly follow the rules. Each exception of them will make your image original, but if you're not quite confident in your taste or just in yourself, start with learning the rules and only than try to make exceptions!


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