Engraving - the modern trend for wedding rings!

 Wedding rings are not an accessory only. The rings have the most romantic symbolical meaning comparing with all possible jewelry types. It's the symbol of infinite love and true feelings!Do you like secrets? If so, you will like the idea of giving your rings one more meaning - the secret one! What is it? It's engraving - one more modern trend for wedding rings! It's really very romantic - to engrave something known to you and your lover only!The technique of engraving has been known since ancient times. It's a way to give one more personal, unique touch to jewelry, to fill decorations with the secret sense and important meaning. There are different types of engraving available today. Hand stamping/hand engraving is the most popular one. One can order a standard depth engraving - letters are cut into the ring with a special tool, or a relief engraving - metal is removed around the characters, so that they become raised. There is also 'really secret' way of engraving: a pair of wedding rings is manufactured, each of them consists of two parts - a thin ring with the engraving is tightly inserted into a large external one and is attached with tiny locks. The engraving is hidden in such a way, so it's impossible to read it without unlocking the ring!So if you've decided to make engraving on your wedding rings, you should consider some rules. First of all, there must be enough place for engraving - so too thin ring doesn't suit for the purpose. Usually the same characters are engraved on the both rings - of groom and bride. The engraving may include letters, numbers or even drawings. The price for the engraving depends on the font, the number of characters and complexity of the engraving. Be sure in what you're going to have engraved on your rings as it will stay with you forever!Be brief, don't choose pompous sentences for the purpose, they are better for toasts and greeting cards! You may engrave the names of loved one, the date of birth or your wedding, or some beautiful traditional words.The most popular engravings for wedding ringsIn Latin:Ad finem saeculorum - forever (until the end of time)Con amore - with loveHoc erat in votis - the subject of my dreamsNe varietur - always Non solus! - You're not alone!In other languages:Ani ldodi vdodi (in Hebrew) - I love and I'm loved!Amor apasionado (in Spanish) - burning with loveTe amo (Spanish) - I Love YouMon amour (French) - my loveJe t'aime (in French) - I Love YouForever! (In English)And the most important thing - let your love be even stronger and longer than the deepest engraving!  

Choosing a chain - the accessory that is always with you!

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