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Nowadays, jewelry isn't something unusual anymore...Almost every person has some pieces of jewelry complementing everyday image. But for a long time jewelry marked the status of a person standing the owner over the crowd. Today jewelry has become available, the range and choice of prices is huge, you may find jewelry stores everywhere, Internet itself provides hundreds of online shops.
People began to think about decorating their bodies in those days, when they realized the concept of 'body'. And the most ancient kind of jewelry was earrings and the oldest form of the body decoration was piercing.
Jewelry similar to what we have today, made of precious metals and stones, appeared about 5000 years ago, or even earlier... Silver and gold ornaments with precious stones were worn by the ancient Egyptians and the ancient Persians.
Over past ages materials changed, new gems were used, technology and sales were improved, but the principle always remained the same: piecing in the ear (in the nose, lip, tongue, nipple, navel) and the jewelry for piercing. Jewelers tried to develop always new ways to decorate the human body beautifully.
There are two main groups of decorations: jewelry that requires piercing and jewelry when piercings is not required.
Earrings that require piercing:
- Stud earrings (posts, studs). The type of earrings is always popular. It's one of the oldest earrings types known. Always relevant and stylish.
- Hoop earrings. The earrings can be of different sizes, even large hoops can be lightweight and comfortable. Some hoop-designs feature gemstones, crystals and other additional components.
- Dangle earrings. The variety of these earrings provides the greatest space for creativity of a jewelry designer! Large and small, long and short, wide and narrow, round and triangular - there are various options to choose from! The variety of forms allows these earrings to be always interesting. You can always complement your collection with a new pair of dangle earrings that are not similar to all jewelry pieces you already have, as every day new unusual designs are developed.
Earrings that do not require piercing:
- Clip earrings (clips). It's also one of the oldest types of earrings. Most suitable for ears. Such earrings have significant limitations on the size and weight, and so designs available are limited.
- Magnetique Clips (magnetic clips). The modern version of clamping earrings. Earrings made of silver or gold with or without precious stones are combined with a magnetic material and a magnetic clasp.
A great variety of materials is used for earrings making: gold and silver, leather, steel, wood etc. But not the material only makes a jewelry piece 'precious'. But the creator's artistic taste and your personal preferences can make any product really precious!

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