Copper Hoop Earrings - Hammered Rounded Earrings

Are you looking for gifts for next holidays? These copper hoop earrings can help you to make a tasteful gift!
Handmade Copper Hoop Earwires 20 gauge pair-Hammered Large Ear wires

Handmade Copper Hoop Earwires 20 gauge 


The Hoops are made of quality Copper wire. These classic size Hoops will be perfect for the second piercing. If you don't like fussy jewelry, these nice Copper Hoop Earrings will please you! Perfect for casual style! The Hoops, as well as other products of my shop, are hand made by me in my studio. 

  • Hoop diameter: 1 3/5 inch (4cm)
  • Copper wire: 20 gauge
  • Quantity: 1 pair (2 Pieces)
  • Made of Natural Copper Wire
Large Copper Hoop Earrings-Hoop Earwire
Large Copper Hoop Earrings - copper Hoop Earwires click here 

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