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Jewelry Designer - Nadin Art Design

As you already know, my name is Nadin Sandler. I`m glad, that you are visiting my website and that you are interested in such jewelry sort as earrings.
I`ll try to help you feel comfortable and hope, that it will be interesting for you here. I also hope to please you not only with the help of my works but also discussing some topics related to jewelry, modern technologies and trends in this area. I specialize in the design and manufacture of elegant and modern jewelry, in particular earrings made of sterling silver, gold filled, with gemstones and Swarovski crystals etc..

In my online store you can buy various types of earrings like hoops, studs, wire wrapped earrings, dangles etc. at the best price, quality, service and product range!
The prices of my online store will pleasantly surprise you, because I am a direct manufacturer of submitted products and trading margin doesn`t apply to the articles unlike in other online and regular jewelry shops.

Elegant jewelry, small collections of modern and fashionable earrings are produced for you, your friends and beloved people under the brand name 'Nadin Art Design', they are also intended to participate in different exhibitions. The main features of jewelry made by me is lightweight, modern style and it`s also important, that they go both for everyday wear and evening events.
Sterling silver, gold and gemstones accentuate the beauty and originality of design. There are various jewelry in my company, but the constant feature of all the products is exclusive design and high quality.


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