Choosing a chain - the accessory that is always with you!

Today the variety of chain designs is great. They are made of different materials, vary in weaving, length etc. But half century ago a chain was mainly used as a necessary addition to a pendant and there were not many different designs. Chains differed mainly in length and weight.
But today a chain is a fashionable accessory that develops its designs as fast as jewelry fashion changes. There are numerous options to choose from, all the options are so interesting, that sometimes it could be rather difficult to make the choice. Jewelry stores offer a wide range of chains made of precious metals. Classic and unusual fancy weaving can be seen. What to choose?
Let's pay attention to some basic rules when choosing a chain. First of all, one should define the necessary length of the chain. Especially for the chain, which will be worn with a pendant. The longer your neck is the shorter the chain can be. If you haven't a long neck or don't want to draw attention to your neck, don't choose a short chain.
It's difficult to choose one chain for all occasions. Different outfits demand different jewelry.
As for weaving, here the choice depends on your personal taste. But note: if you're going to wear the chain with pendants, take into consideration the style of the pendants and wear style you want to wear the chain with. For example, a gold pectoral cross of a strict design in the Byzantine style would look ridiculous on a massive chain with ornate weave. In this case it is better to choose a delicate and elegant chain.
A full neck should be adorned with a chain of complex weave with big links, a thin neck of a young girl should be better adorned with a delicate chain of a simple pattern.
But if you wear gold jewelry, choose chains of different colors but of the same weaving or different chain designs in one gold color! Don't overdo!
The most popular length is 35-50 cm. However, do not wear the chains of the length to dress or blouse with a high collar. Chains of a length more than 75 cm are more suitable to evening outfits than to casual wear, they may add a luxurious look to a high neckline dress.
Chain is often the accessory that is always with you! Most women don't take off one or two chains with favorite charms. So choose the chain that suits your overall style! Choose jewelry that brings you a good mood!

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