Choose modern earrings right to look your best!

Agree, earrings are the only decoration that can transform your face - add fresh and light notes to it, and make it more lively and bright. Earrings should be the constant accessory of every woman, especially since today it is not necessarily to pierce ears to wear beautiful earrings. A variety of clips is great, however, most of ladies still prefer piercing to be able to wear studs, hoops, or a variety of dangle earrings. It is a pity that not all ladies choose earrings properly, it means: one must take into account the shape of face.
Do not pay attention to the size and shape of the earrings you choose, if you have the oval face-form. The only problem you may have is to make your choice from huge variety of earrings designs.
But choices are limited for ladies with all other face-shapes. A wide face will look more elegant if you wear long earrings. Convex-shaped earrings are a taboo for ladies with the face-form. Appropriate makeup also may narrow face. With the help of these two means you can give your face a delicate aristocratic look.
The same rules are suitable for a round face. Ladies with round face should also avoid earrings of square or diamond shape.
But if you have triangular face, round and oval-shaped hoop earrings are what you need. Hoops may become your constant friends. It's better, if the length of earrings for women with triangular face is bigger than the width.
A long face will look more harmonious, if the ears will sparkle with round earrings or wide geometric hoops. Do not buy earrings with pendants, long dangle earrings.
When choosing the kind of jewelry, pay attention to your earlobes. A small lobe is the perfect base for long earrings. If the ear lobe is thin, miniature light earrings would be the best choice. Flat earrings may divert attention from too large lobes.
You should also combine your jewelry with clothes you wear. Accessories should emphasize the advantages of your style without drawing to much attention to themselves. And, of course, choose jewelry what you like, even if they say, it's not fashionable. The main thing: you should like it and look your best with the jewelry you choose!

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