Chain as an important part of your unique personal style

Chain designs haven't changed a lot over time. The methods of making this jewelry type have changed. In ancient times no more than one item could be made in a few days, today modern technologies allow to produce so many chains as it needed. The role of this jewelry has also changed: some hundreds of years ago it was just a simple jewelry piece that could be worn as a separate decoration and as a basis for a pendant. In some countries a chain was often just an addition to a cross (after the introduction of Christianity). Thanks to modern technology there are many weaving types today that make chains one of the most popular decorations that enable to express one's style.
It may seem easy to choose a chain. In fact the decoration should be chosen carefully. Women shouldn't choose too massive chains, it's also better to choose a simple weaving. Chains made of red gold or copper suit brunettes and red-haired ladies very well, chains made of yellow gold are most suitable for blondes. Chains of silver are usually chosen by fans of modern style, by people who prefer minimalist jewelry.
Men should choose more massive chains. If you prefer a business dress code, chains made of silver, copper or red gold are best to accentuate it, chains of yellow gold are chosen by people who like the classics, jewelry made of white gold are usually the choice of active people and fans of new modern trends. Fortunately, the range of the jewelry products is so huge, that everyone can find something special and suitable.
It depends on your taste, what chain to choose: gold or silver. The first advantage of silver is its accessibility and there is one more undisputed advantage of silver: it's an noble metal, its nobility is carried through centuries. Silver is preferable to young people and people who don't like fancy decorations. According to statistics chains are one of the most popular jewelry types in the whole world today. Thousands of people adorn themselves with chains to emphasize the style.
Gold or silver, massive or not, red gold or white - feel free to choose what you like, to choose jewelry that may accentuate the advantages of your style best. Combine different chains, look for interesting chain designs, add unusual charms and pendants and so be the creator - the creator of your own image!

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