Big Hoop Earrings - Sterling Silver Rounded Earrings

If you like big hoop earrings, these stylish earrings are the thing you need!
Sterling Silver Hoops Earrings-Elegant Hammered Rounded Earrings

Sterling Silver Hoops Earrings - Elegant Hammered Rounded Earrings

Silver jewelery: the nobility and refinement

Silver has returned triumphantly to the peak of fashion during last twenty years. According to marketers in 2004 sales of silver jewelry increased by 17%. Christian Lacroix first focused on the products of silver in 2000. According to him silver is a bridge between ancient and modern times, chic of metropolis and charm of the medieval period. Today there is no dictate in 'silver' fashion, there are some trends. For example, Hoop earrings and rounded style are 'at the peak of fashion' this season - they are offered in the line of accessories of Giorgio Armani. But at the same time, it does not contradict a global line of the Baroque style and the traditional favorite ethnic motives. Nadin Art Design combine silver with diamonds, rubies and other precious stones.

elegant fine sterling silver earrings - flat hoops - jewelry
Flat Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings
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