Anklet - the amazing eye-catching bracelet for stylish women!

Bracelets have adorned women as well as men since times immemorial. First they were talismans against enemies and evil spirits, priests and magicians could not do without bracelets. Some time later decorative function of bracelets became the main one.
Today bracelets still stay one of the most popular decorations. What do you imagine first, if you hear the word 'bracelet'? Maybe, a fine decoration adorning a wrist? But there is one more bracelet type that is very popular today - an anklet.
In ancient Egypt bracelets played an important role. They were worn on the body parts that coincided with the sacred chakras that influenced the spiritual life.
India is a country in which bracelets are still an integral part of every woman's life. First Indian beauties adorned their feet and hands with pictures drawn with henna, and later began to wear rings and bracelets on their feet and hands. Bracelets also had a practical function: bell-charms hanging from the bracelets scared away snakes common to the country.
Eastern culture has given the fashion of wearing ankle bracelets to the whole world. In India bracelets are worn on both feet, in other countries girls tend to decorate only one foot. Some people believe, the fashion for anklet bracelets has come with the hippie movement. Anyway one thing is certain - a bracelet adorning feet has become a symbol of femininity and freedom of the spirit. It's now a popular fashion trend that doesn't go out of fashion.
Almost every jewelry designer presenting a spring-summer collection includes some anklet-designs in it. Such decorations are especially popular with young girls, but no matter what age you are, you may emphasize the beauty of your feet with the bracelets. There is a wide range of anklets in different styles.
Usually anklets are complemented with symbolic figures - keys, butterflies, leaves, hearts and flowers. There are also crystal and gem pendants. With or without charms, anklets are the eye-catching summer decoration.
Draw attention to your steps walking along streets of a summer city. Make your image stylish and unforgettable!

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