All wonderful colors of magic gold metal

Gold jewelry never goes out of style. Gold is metal with special magic, it has its own history and connected with numerous legends and traditions of different countries. So it's no wonder that one feels delight and admiration looking at the metal complemented with stones or other decorative components. What does one pay attention to when choosing a gold jewelry piece? First, at design or perhaps a price, and then at the metal color, of course. Some people like yellow gold, some - red, some prefer white, and some want to look fashionable combining these shades. Let's speak about all the colors.Yellow gold - yellow is the natural color of the metal. This is traditional gold type. Pure gold with less ligatures. The gold color is usually chosen by people who prefer traditional style, traditional jewelry designs. However there is also no lack of modern designs made in the gold color.White gold has become one of the most popular gold colors. Looking at white gold jewelry one feels the power, strength and nobility of the cold color metal. It looks incredibly lovely combined with diamonds or other precious stones of white or cool colors, white gold is sometimes called 'the metal of aristocracy'. Today, white gold is considered to be an indicator of good taste in some countries, accessories made of white gold are often considered as those of high style.Ladies who like to stand out from the crowd choose gold products that combine several shades of gold. The reason for it is wish to have something outstanding, one more reason is the extraordinary beauty of jewelry made of shimmering yellow, pink or red and white gold. However, choosing a piece of jewelry with different shades of gold, keep in mind that such a piece should be combined with other jewelry very carefully. Gold jewelry combining more than 4 colors is regarded indicator of bad taste. In fact up to 88 shades of gold are registered. If gold jewelry is too expensive for you, you may choose quality gold filled or gold plated jewelries. Often they look no less beautiful and rich than solid gold decorations. Whatever color of gold jewelry you choose, follow your taste and style, keep in mind that if you choose jewelry you like, it may help you to be self-confident and feel beautiful! 

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